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You can complete the theory part of your SCUBA diver/ Open Water Course online in the comfort of your own home/ office at your leisure. The cost for this is zero. That is correct SSI offers this service for free whilst other agencies charge an incredible 130 USD/ 6403 INR for their online training. Brilliant value, whilst allowing you more free time on holiday. Visit the SSI website and sign up today attach yourself to Doongi Dives.

Doongi Dives

A permanent fixture in the Andamans, doongies are small fishermen’s boats that have remained virtually unchanged for centuries. Our diving operation, Doongi Dives, is named after this ingenious craft that is an indispensible part of everyday Andamanese life. We have the best, internationally experienced, PADI/SSI certified, dive masters, who can teach the basics to beginners as well as challenge the more adventurous divers.

Diving Courses

Discover Scuba Diving4,5004,5001Few hours
Discover Scuba Diving + 1 extra dive6,0006,00021 Morning or afternoon
Scuba diver12,50011,50021.5 days
Open water diver19,00016,50043/ 4 days
Advance open water diver/ Advanced Adventurer14,50012,00052 days
Emergency First Responder/ Right Responder (CPR/First Aid training)5,5005,000N/ A1 Morning or afternoon
Rescue/ Stress Rescue15,50013,0002 + confined sessions3 days
Divemaster/ Dive Guide45,00037,000FlexibleFlexible
Divecontrol Specialist (Assitant Instructor)contact us40,000FlexibleFlexible
Deep (when you have Advanced deep credit)contact us900031 or 2 days
Deepcontact us1000042 days
Nitrox/ EAN 40 (ISO 11107)contact us4500N/ AHalf a day
Nitrox/ EAN 40 (ISO 11107)contact us950021 day
Night (including torch/ flashlight hire)contact us900021 day
Perfect Buoyancycontact us600021 day
Navigationcontact us800021 day
Boatcontact us700021 day
Photography (including camera hire)contact us850021 day
Computer/ Multi Levelcontact us800021 day
Waves/ Tides & Currentscontact us700021 day
Naturalistcontact us700021 day
Wreckcontact us800021 day
Wreckcontact us1200042 day
Please note  above pricing includes all materials needed and full certification which is valid in every dive centre worldwide.
All courses paid for in advance by bank transfer will be offered at a 5% discount from the published price.
Two or more courses booked will be offered at discounted rates, please contact us stating your requirements for exact pricing.

Dive Sites

A shallow fringe reef on the south-eastern side of Havelock, the Aquarium is a good spot for training dives, both for open water students and continuing education students. The highlight of the site is a chance to see dugongs, but lagoon rays, turtles, napoleons and groupers are also common. You may also see the highly venomous stonefish, and several types of nudibranches here.

Dixon Pinnacle
Dixon’s Pinnacle, discovered by Dixon, a famous instructor, consists of 3 pinnacles, actually – a large pinnacle with the top at 18m, and 2 smaller pinnacles with their tops at around 25m. The pinnacles are encrusted with tube corals and large barrel sponges; hordes of schooling bannerfish make this site their home and groupers, napoleons, unicornfish, anemonefish and various shrimps and crabs can be seen here. Turtles and barracudas are the highlights of this spectacular site, and we do spot an occasional manta and shark here as well.

Johnny’s Gorge
Johnny’s Gorge is a small rocky outcrop in the open sea, with a profusion of large pelagics – big schools of barracudas, lots of sharks (white tips, black tips, nurse sharks and bull sharks), mackerels, trevally, tuna, eagle rays, napoleons, huge groupers and occasional manta rays as well. This one matches up to any site anywhere in the world.

A shallow reef sticking out near the Havelock Lighthouse, this under-appreciated site once had a large forest of staghorn coral, which was flattened by the tsunami However, it is still a very good muck diving site. It provides shelter to yellow trumpetfish, various angelfish, bannerfish, fusiliers and. Further on, the reef gets deeper and isolated pockets of rock act as an oasis of life in the sandy bottom. Large table corals, a couple of gorgonians, lot of feather stars in various colorations and occasionally eagle ray and turtle sightings make this a very site.

Special Offer – Ecological Open Water Course @ INR 19,000

We have a great concern for the environment therefore are offering a special package where you will receive 6 dives plus a speciality for the normal price of  a PADI Open Water course! Perfect Buoyancy is the key to good diving practice, it enables you to protect the aquatic environment and will increase your dive time and enjoyment through superior breathing techniques and body position management.

Frequently asked Questions

Q: Do I need to be extremely fit and be able to swim really well?
A: You only need to be able to swim 200 metres in any style, there is NO time limit. If you wish to use fins and mask then it is 300 metres, without a time limit.

Q: Do people get worried/ scared and is it dark?
A: It is natural to feel a little apprehensive, that is why initial training is done at a depth of 1metre/ 3.3 feet- Usually within 5 minutes people have relaxed. The light penetration in water is excellent, students are generally pleasantly surprised.

Q: Do I need to purchase expensive equipment?
A: No, all equipment is supplied for the duration of the course.

Q: Is SCUBA diving dangerous?
A: We have never witnessed any of my students receive an injury from aquatic animals or to suffer from a dive related illness. If you follow the rules there is no reason for anything to go wrong, as with all activities there is always an element of risk.

Q: Does qualifying take a lot of time and effort?
A: It is standard for students to complete the Open Water course in 4 days. This includes viewing the DVD, academic sessions, Confined and Open water sections. The DVD can be viewed and the academics (online) can be completed at your own leisure if you so wish. The Confined (swimming pool) session takes about 3- 5 hours .Diving in the sea takes an additional 2 days.

Q: Is my qualification valid outside of India?
A: Your certification is valid in any dive centre in the world. You will be qualified to dive to 18 metres/ 60 feet (Open Water qualification for example). It is valid for life and you will receive a photo ID/ licence. It meets or exceeds the requirements of the WRSTC, EUF, ISO Standards and RSTC.

Q: Is SCUBA diving something that will isolate me from the family?
A: This is one of the great aspects of diving- there is no age limit, children as young as 10 can qualify as JUNIOR OPEN WATER DIVERS (12 metres/ 40 feet.). In fact there is nothing more impressive in the eyes of children than a parent who SCUBA dives and then also involving them in this activity. It brings the family together for a common purpose including gong on SCUBA diving trips together.

Q: Is SCUBA diving good value for money?
A: It is an incredible, unique experience for the money. Do not take my word for it please read past student comments. Everybody leaves the water amazed!

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